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The Growth - Adam Hulse

I'm very pleased to say that unlike in his Tales of Tupuqa trilogy*, in the first of The Growth* books, Adam didn't kill off any of the characters I loved! I very much enjoyed the trilogy, but am proud to say that it's clear Adam takes pride in his work and is constantly striving to improve.

The Growth holds the same fast-paced action we know and love from Cursed Caves, but with a threat no one can hide from. Adam does a great job of capturing humanity's reaction to disaster on a massive level: every man for himself, a desperate search for answers that inevitably leads to religious fanaticism, and unlikely alliances that quickly weasel their way into your heart. (This alone is terrifying, if you get attached to characters like I do.)

He paints vivid pictures of the devastation caused by this unknown monstrosity, as it wreaks havoc on civilization as we know it. While it may be contained to the UK for now, it's easy to imagine how something like this could quickly be everywhere. Though the actual... thing... is hard to describe, I have to admit that this is one of the few creature descriptions I've read that has literally made me gag. I was trying to read while on the elliptical at the gym, and had to pick something else so I didn't make myself sick!

In both movies and written works, characters tend to be my favorite element, and The Growth is no different. Adam does a fantastic job with piecing together these badass, ragtag teams you can't resist cheering for. I can't wait for the second installment, to continue the journey!

Adam can be found on:

Twitter: @HulseAdam

Instagram: adamhulseauthor

TikTok: adamhulseauthor

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