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The Slob - Aron Beauregard

This is my first foray into extreme horror, and myyyyyy-lanta, extreme is an accurate label! I was definitely not quite prepared for the depths this story went to, and while I feel like extreme horror won't be something that regularly splatters itself across my shelves, there's no denying how well it was done!

Vera grew up in a filthy home, and instead of perpetuating the cycle, she's gone to the opposite end of the spectrum. As an adult, the invention of a steam cleaner that doesn't have to be hooked up to a sink absolutely blows her mind, and she finds her calling. In the process of selling the machines and building a nest egg for herself, her husband, and the baby they have on the way, she becomes trapped in a situation that surpasses any nightmare she could have imagined.

The descriptions are so thorough and detailed that you can't help but see every stain and layer of filth nestled into every fiber of carpet, and the rot covering unwashed dishes and dirty appliances. You smell every bit of mold and rancid trash contained within the pages. I can't even describe how hard I cringed at the pain, the stenches, and the lengths the characters had to go to for a shot at survival. As someone who has a long history of nightmares and night terrors, it's not often I find something that leaves me feeling more shaken than they do, but THE SLOB has accomplished that!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spray everything I own with Febreeze 20x, curl up in freshly washed blankets that smell like heaven, and cuddle my sweet, innocent, velociraptor-pup babies!😂

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