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THE TOWN in Arizona is the Next Stop for Tali

Image courtesy of Tali 💜

“The Town”, by Bentley Little

State: Arizona


Stories about small towns are my favorite. There is always a creepy mystery behind them. Mcguane is a creepy place to live.

After winning the California State Lottery, Gregory Tomasov moves his family to Mcguane for a quieter life. His mother, who moves with them, reminds Gregory to invite 'the owner of the house' Jedushka Di Muvedushka to come with them. This has to be one of the scariest characters. It is equivalent to a Russian boogeyman. Of course, Gregory is skeptical. He scoffs and asks if she really believes in that crazy story. He forgets to invite, who I consider one of the scariest characters, and unleashes evil on Mcguane, Arizona. "The Town' is full of ghosts, demons and all entities from the depths of hell.

Mcguane is a town filled with Russian culture. The Russian myths were interesting, and a nice backstory to the evil entity that was unintentially invited to the town.

Horror is subjective. Diffferent things scare different people. Although, I did not find this entertaining ghost story particularly scary, it was definitely haunting. "The Town" follows the basic format of family moves to a new town, mysterious deaths occur and they believe the house is haunted. Little fills the story with tense and silly scenes. One fo my favorite scenes was the priest being attacked by the bible. The story is filled with evil dwarves and lots of paranormal occurances.

The horror in this story begins immediately. The end of "The Town" had a few enjoyable surprises.

Other horror books set in Arizona:

"Desperation", by Stephen King

"Head Like a Hole", Andrew Van Wey

"Pressure", by Jeff Strand


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