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This is Where We Talk Things Out - Caitlin Marceau

I recorded with Caitlin this past week for an episode of The Ghoulish Gallery, and we were scheduled for seven in the evening. She popped in at seven, only to find me trying to devour the rest of This is Where We Talk Things Out*. She was gracious enough to duck out for another twenty minutes to give me time to finish it, and I was so glad she did, because I *NEEDED* to know how this story ended!


Growing up in New York, snow and cold weather are horrifying for me as it is. While it can be peaceful (or festive, if it's the season), I think about snow from a different perspective. I remember being a kid, falling face first into the snow, and coming back up unable to breathe. I think of avalanches where people are buried alive, and I think of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, unable to go get help or have help come to me. The setting alone preyed on those thoughts!

Next, the character development - we've all known that person. The person who is so horribly toxic and could even manipulate a rock to the point of guilt, and no matter how hard you try to cut them out of your life, they find ways to weasel back in. When you try to hold them accountable for how they treat others, or explain to them why you go to such efforts to ignore them, somehow it gets flipped around on you. Most of us have also been the person who continues to allow "one more chance", and can relate to the internal battle Miller is fighting.

While that kind of behavior can wreak havoc on your mental health, it's not as often that it also affects your physical health. Combine that kind of unpredictable person with a setting like that, and you're in for one hell of a ride.

You quickly develop an attachment to Miller and sympathize with her situation, while being frustrated at the fact that she's allowing a seemingly unhinged woman (mother or not) continue to insert herself where she clearly isn't wanted, due to damage she's caused in the past. As the story progresses, you're on the emotional roller coaster with her, but the twists and turns keep you frantically guessing what will be thrown at her next. Everyone should ABSOLUTELY give this a read!!!

Find Caitlin here:

Instagram: CaitlinMarceau

Twitter: @CaitlinMarceau

Facebook: Caitlin Marceau


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