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Throwback Thursday: Better Watch Out (2017)

A girl holding a knife in front of a Christmas tree, with a boy behind her, both looking scared

This week back in 2017, a Christmas horror called 'Better Watch Out' was released in the UK.

I watched this for the first time just last Christmas, and it quickly jumped up into one of my favourite Christmas horrors that I will now watch every year.

I loved the festiveness throughout the whole film with the snow, decorations and lighting.  I do like my Christmas movies to give that extra Christmassy feeling! I thought the story was great, and the twists and turns made it even better! I can't really say too much without giving away spoilers, but it's like a cross between Home Alone and Halloween.

The acting was brilliant, and Levi Miller who plays the main young boy was perfect in his role.  It also stars Olivia DeJonge, who you may recognise from movies The Visit, Scare Campaign, or the TV show The Society.

If you have somehow missed this, definitely add it to your watchlist this Christmas, and try to go in blind without knowing too much!


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