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Throwback Thursday: Child's Play (1988)

Movie poster for 1988 Child's Play, featuring an apartment building with a lightning strike and a glimpse of Chucky's face

This week back in 1988, Child's Play was released in the US. Believe it or not, up until a couple of months ago, I had NEVER seen this film! I know, I know ... call myself a horror fan yet I've never seen the film that brought us the iconic character that is Chucky!! Well, here's why: I always hated dolls growing up. They creeped me out, so I avoided films with them in! But boy have I missed out all these years by not seeing this franchise. I absolutely LOVED this movie!

I really liked all the characters. Alex Vincent, who played the little kid Andy, was great in this. And of course Brad Dourif voicing Chucky is legendary and an icon himself.

The Chucky doll was fantastic, especially considering this was done in the 80s. I loved the camera work at the start of the film when it was almost like you were in the eyes of Chucky as he was moving around. The end with burnt Chucky was brilliant too, and the animatronics were fantastic!

The scene where he revealed himself to the mom was very memorable. There is definitely a slight comedic aspect to this film, as a few things gave me a chuckle throughout, and Chucky has some great one liners. The car scene with the detective was hilarious and done really well.

This has definitely jumped up there to one of my favourite classic horrors!! I can see why people love it and can't believe I waited to so long to see it!

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