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Throwback Thursday: Creepshow Holiday Special (2020)

The skeletal Creepshow ghoul is hovering outside a window, holding an ornament with an eyeball and a Creepshow comic, with lit candles and festive decorations on the inside of the glass

This week back in 2020, Creepshow released a Christmas Holiday special. I had never actually seen this before and did go in expecting an anthology special, but in fact, it's a 45 minute mini-movie.

It was very fun, with silly humour throughout. The story of Kris and Bob and Santa being some kind of slayer with 'Satan's claws' was actually pretty genius. I really liked it! Well done to the writers!

The effects and how they filmed the shape-shifting were pretty good; there's just a little scene at the end where they were a bit less realistic, but it still looked great and fit in with the overall feel of the movie anyway.

Adam Pally is great as our main guy, Robert. You will likely recognise a few faces in here, so the acting was good all around, but my favourite was definitely Phyllis, played by Candy McLellan. Just a great character!

This was a fun little Christmas watch that I would definitely recommend, and it won't take up too much of your time.

'Happy Horror-Days!'

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