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Tubi Tuesday: The Final Rose 2022 (Spoiler Free)

A pale woman in a dark colored gown holds a red rose, with blood dripping down her hands

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! Do we have any fans of The Bachelor? Then this may be right up your alley. This is a fun slasher mixed with a love-searching reality television show as its backdrop. The film mainly follows young single mother Jess (Christina Masterson, Truth or Dare 2017) as she attempts to find love on this show. But when the girls slowly go missing after they are eliminated, Jess has a bad feeling production may be hiding something from the contestants.

Overall this was an enjoyable watch! The characters are well rounded and Jess is a textbook final girl. The more she pushes back about the strange happenings, the more annoyed the crew gets that she won't play up her feelings for the camera for a ‘killer sound bite’ (I'm sorry, I had to). The kills in this were solid and unique to the situations on this television show set.

The plot is solid and there are good red herring setups throughout the film. I was not able to figure out who the killer was until the reveal. There are also some great jokes in the movie that were clearly written to be silly but shot in a serious way. The way the production team makes fun of the Beau Garret Dalton (Robert Palmer Watkins, Last Three Days 2020) was one of my favorite parts. Garret is also a terrible guy so the jokes give a nice balance to the horror lurking in the shadows.

The horror vibes pick up a lot more in the final 25 minutes of the film. We get high body counts and the big reveal. The showdown between Jess and the killer is quick but satisfying. Overall I think this would be a fun watch when you need something horror-related but also a bit silly, or watch this with your friends who may not be big on horror. Make some popcorn, grab a glass of wine, and try to pinpoint the killer on this season of Love At Last. While this is not horror-filled the entire film, I love the balance this movie was able to find within the writing and the characters.

7 out of 10 Screams


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