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Verushka - Jan Stinchcomb

Verushka feels unique, in how it has turned a single novel into what almost feels like a collection of stories intertwined. We have multiple generations of a family strongly impacted by the decisions one person made decades ago, and Jan executes the snowball effect of that choice wonderfully.

In this slow burn horror with a dark fantasy feel, we follow different generations in the family, gradually uncovering the story behind what's happening as we get flashbacks to strategic points in time. Rather than sticking to a chronological time-line, Jan gives us the fallout first to show the escalation of tragedies. We take a turn into dark fantasy as we learn who exactly Verushka is, and what her motives are.

It's incredibly rewarding when we find out exactly how the strange events experienced by Elaine, Jack, Caroline, and Devon all tie in together, and where the family curse came from!

Verushka released July 7th, and is available NOW!

Jan can be found here:

Twitter: @janstinchcomb

Instagram: @jan_stinchcomb

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