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The moment we've all been waiting for: unleashing the hellhounds!! (And by hellhounds, I mean all you glorious people with access to the link for voting.)

There are some instructions involved, but nothing too crazy. With Google forms, if I request that people sign in, it was wanting our test taker to have a Gmail account. I don't want to limit who can vote, so I'm not requiring an official sign in like that. HOWEVER - you still need to type your email address in the space provided. Votes with no email address associated will not be counted.

While the majority of people who nominated work followed the rules, there were some who didn't, and here is the result of that:

  • If you nominated your own work, it's been disqualified.

  • If the books nominated were outside the given time frame (May 15th, 2023 to May 15th, 2024), it was disqualified.

  • If you gave a title but no author, and there were multiple books with that title, it wasn't counted.

  • If you gave an author name but no book title in a category that required a book title, it wasn't counted.

If you see something you nominated is missing from the voting options, it fell into one of ☝🏼 categories.

Voting will be open until June 9th, and the OFL (Official Fancy Livestream) will be Saturday, June 22nd!

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