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Werewolves, Dogmen, and Other Shape Shifters Stalking North America - Pamela K. Kinney

(Swiped from Tali's Instagram with her permission!💖)

Tell me, do you believe in Werewolves or Bigfoot?!

I am not sure 🤔 if I do.

I absolutely LOVE reading about cryptids and hearing about people’s experiences. This book really did scratch my cryptid loving itch. These stories were not presented as facts but rather how people have encountered these creatures.

In “Werewolves, Dogmen, and other Shapeshifters stalking North America”, by Pamela Kinney presents us with personal accounts from across the country, which is obviously going to be fun. Then she adds her own unique spin on it by delving into the reasons behind WHY such stories exist by tying in legends and folklore. Such an interesting and fresh way of looking at encounters!

The book is broken up into three sections: Werewolves, Dogmen and Other Shape-shifters. Kinney explains well why Dogmen and Werewolves are separate. Each section delves into mythology and folklore, personal accounts and some history. Shape-shifters though is where the real fun begins. Kinney casts a wide net of various creatures from the Wendigo to witches and she does not stop there. There are also legends and stories connected to various shapeshifting animals.

The author provides descriptions, giving the reader a vivid picture. Kinney ties the supernatural, witches and Native American tribes to the book. The Native American folklore, language, and culture was well researched. The author also provides references to mainstream movies into these fascinating creatures.

Kinney also referenced other books as well as movies. Due to her, the reader will have a concocted list of recommended books as well as a map of Dogman sightings. It makes you want to grab a backpack and go on a hike 😆.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one and I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about cryptids or wants to find one to play with.

Find Pamela here:

Instagram: pamelak.kinney_author

Twitter: @PamelaKKinney

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