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You've Got Red on You

Two men armed with cricket bats and shovels and a woman holding a chain are surrounded by zombies reaching for them
Image courtesy of IMDB

This week back in 2004, one of my personal favourite horror comedies (and often considered one of the best) was released, Shaun of the Dead.

A brilliant comedy duo, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg teamed up with writer and director Edgar Wright for the 1st part of what is known as the Cornetto trilogy.

Nick and Simon play best mates Shaun and Ed, who find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse! The first scene of Shaun walking to work before he realises what is actually going on is hilarious! And honestly it just gets better from there. We watch as Shaun and Ed try to save Shaun's girlfriend and family whilst fending off the walking dead. And of course, they all end up at the pub!

Being friends in real life makes this on screen friendship all the more believable, they work so well together and seem so natural. Other actors in this do really well too, including Kate Ashfield, Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton. The effects and make up are also brilliant too. I love the zombies in this!

This is an absolute must watch for any horror fan (though I'm sure you've all seen it, multiple times!) and absolutely deserves it's spot up as one of the all time greatest horror comedies. Would you agree?

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