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Hello all!

Cat here,

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new series that's going to be coming to The Sinister Scoop that Tasha and I will be starting. They'll be our "101" series, and will just be articles featuring super basic, beginner friendly information about the industry.

A lot of the topics that we have geared up are questions we've been asked (either through The Sinister Scoop or personally, on our own.) A lot of them are focused on giving advice to emerging writers, but we also have a few in the works for artists, reviewers, and even publishers.

We're hoping that this series will help us fill out our "resources" landing pages, not unlike an FAQ list for creators who don't know where to begin. If it goes well, there are talks of following it up with an advice column for more specific questions, and a 102 series answering the more detailed questions that we receive along the way once we've worked our way through basics.

I, Cat, will be writing the majority of these posts. I've been a freelancer for a long time and have dabbled in a lot of different areas so I'm at least mildly qualified. It's possible if the series expands that we'll branch out and acquire guest writers with different areas of expertise for this series.

Below are some of the topics that we aim to cover:

Writing 101:

  • Cover Letters

  • Query Letters

  • Submitting Short Stories

  • Querying

  • Contract Literacy

  • Rejection Etiquette

  • Self-publishing

  • Self-publishing VS Small Press

  • When to Work for Free (Exposure VS Exploitation)

Publishing 101:

  • Payments

  • Rejections

  • Cover Art

  • Negotiating

  • Open Calls VS Invitations

  • Favoritism (Maybe don't do that)

Reviewing 101:

  • Reviewing Etiquette

  • Star Ratings

  • Leaving Bad Reviews

  • Amazon VS Goodreads

  • Review Platforms

  • When to Tag Authors (Don't)

Art 101:

  • Third Party Sites

  • Building a Portfolio

  • Exposure VS Exploitation

  • Licensing

If there's something you have questions about that you'd like to see an article about, please, please comment down below so we know to look into it for you. If you have a private question or would to send an anonymous question for the series, please reach out to either myself or Tasha.

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