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A Pantheon of Thieves and Other Weird Tales - Coy Hall

Cover for Pantheon of Thieves and Other Weird Tales by Coy Hall - blues and reds in a textured background

Somehow this is my first foray into the mind of Coy Hall, but it most certainly won't be my last. Many, *many* moons ago, young Tasha wanted to be a history teacher, so Coy's stories being spread across so many different points in time was particularly fascinating.

In A Pantheon of Thieves and Other Weird Tales, Coy puts a supernatural spin on very real terrors. It's no secret that humans are monsters all on our own, and that we've created some of the most awful concepts as we've developed as a species: especially war, which we seem to cling to with a fervor Leo should have used to get on that damn door in Titanic. Coy tackles not only the act of war itself, but the lasting effects on the human psyche.

Topics like plagues, illness, and religion come with reminders that despite our arrogance, Mother Nature inevitably comes out on top in whatever form she chooses to take. In one tale that has particularly stuck with me, he describes human decomposition in a way that will undoubtedly turn your stomach. Death is a common occurrence and there's no shying away from it!

If you enjoy period pieces and glimpses of what horror might have looked like in days long past, this will be right up your alley!

Go find Coy's accounts and see what he's up to!

Twitter: @CoyHallBooks or @TheScythianWolf

Instagram: coyhallbooks

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