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Don’t Have Sex, Because You Will Die - Killer Body Count Review (Spoiler Free)

Killer Body Count Poster
Image Courtesy of Rotten Tomatos

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! This week I am gonna tell you about the wonderful horror/comedy Killer Body Count. The main premise of this film revolves around a girl named Cami who is sent to a sex addict rehabilitation by her very religious father. Upon arrival Cami is suspicious of the two counselors who run the camp and how they treat the other teenagers. We then see that there is a cloaked killer who is seemingly murdering the teenagers as they are sneaking around and sleeping with one another. 

The slasher vibes in this movie are immaculate and I had a great time watching it. Each of the teenagers brings in their own personality and the camp counselors are easy regular villains to root against. This is a summer slasher you dont want to miss. I will say there is an interesting plot point of the counselors, who are siblings, who are also hooking up…. Use that information however you want. It doesnt take away from the movie, but adds an extra sense of unsettling energy around these intensely religious characters. 

The film does have a nice little twist at the end and I loved the performances of Cassiel Eatock-Winnik (Cami) and Savana Tardieu (Wyatt). The kills were creative and decently gorey which added to the slasher style. The film style was very bright and summery which was a fun contrast to the horror aesthetic once the sun went down. Overall Killer Body Count was really fun time and is a perfect summer slasher.

7 out of 10 Screams

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