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Happy PRIDE Month To Everyone, Including Vampires: Bit Review (Spoiler Free)

Vampire with blood on her face
Image Courtesy of Rotten Tomatos

Happy PRIDE Month Horror Fans! This month I am going to try and focus on some LGBTQ+ horror movies on Tubi. Starting the month off strong with Bit (2019), this film revolves around a transgender teenager who was turned into a vampire while visiting her brother in LA. Nicole Maines plays our main character Laurel and is coming to terms with growing up and having to decide her next move after her high school graduation.

On her arrival to LA, her brother takes her out on the town and Laural meets Izzy. Izzy invites Laural to a party where they hook up and then Izzy intends to kill Laural and drink her blood. At the last minute, Duke (the leader of our vampire girl group) interferes and lets Laural change. At this point, Laural is given the choice to either stay human or transition to a vampire. She makes the decision to accept this new life she has been given.

We learn more about Duke's background and why she leads the group in the manner that she does. Laurel is having a hard time with killing and thus is not eating so she is having a hard time staying present and level-headed. This leads to her making some questionable decisions in relation to her old life and her new life.

I really enjoyed Bit. It has some great classic vampire vibes while also bringing something a bit new with an all-female group of vampires who are adamant about not turning men. I think pacing is solid and I found myself very engaged the entire time. While people wanting a more intense horror movie may find this lacking, I think fans of vampire movies will really enjoy Bit. Add this to your PRIDE Month watchlist and enjoy some bloody vampire affairs.

8 out of 10 Screams

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