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RuPaul’s Vampire Race: Slay Review (Spoiler-Free)

Drag Queens Meet Vampires
Photo Courtesy of Tubi

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! We are kicking off May with a must-watch tubi original - SLAY. This is a killer vampire movie mixed with glam and performances from some amazing drag queens.

The story follows a group of four drag queens on tour and they end up at this little biker bar in the middle of nowhere. Initially, our group wanted to leave and not perform but, decided the show must go on - even if the audience would be a tough crowd. SLAY honestly has everything you need for a good time, campy costumes and performances, witty writing, great music, and some thoughtful commentary about being vulnerable and coming together with others for a common goal.

SLAY stars some amazing well-known drag queens if you have been introduced to the drag world. Trinity the Tuck plays the drag mother of our group. Then we have Hedi in Closet, Crystal Method, and Cara Melle. As a Drag Race fan, I was so excited to see them star in this and it gave me a sense of familiarity as soon as the movie kicked off. Watching the drag queens work together with mostly conservative bikers to save everyone from the vampires was a really fun ride.

As someone who just watched the From Dusk Till Dawn Trilogy, I felt such a heavy influence from that in SLAY. The kills were interesting and the wide range of characters made the film really enjoyable to watch. The comedic timing in this movie was immaculate. As a vampire media devotee, SLAY knocks this out of the park. The rewatchability is high in my opinion and is perfect for solo or group movie nights.

Overall, SLAY is bloody perfection. If you want kick-ass Drag Queens, witty comedy, and vampire bikers - then look no further. In addition to the comedy and gore, SLAY also delivers social commentary about those of us who try not to rely on others when the world is better with a family - found, or blood.

10 out of 10 Screams

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