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Homewrecker - William Sterling

The Book cover of Killer Be Killed Book 2: Homewrecker, featuring a wolf's head looking over a gray cityscape

The second installment of this trilogy from William Sterling is just as much fun as the first! (Check that review here). Be aware that this is spoiler-free, IF you've read the first novel. If you haven't, then technically this has some spoilers related to the first book.

Boone and Athena continue to develop phenomenally as very relatable characters (as much as one can relate to survivors of a massacre and someone who has been possessed by a demon). Their horrific night at the camp has taken a toll emotionally, as expected. Athena is battling survivor's guilt, along with the media and students constantly in line to pick her brain. Boone has to deal with the anxieties of a parent who almost lost a child, on top of coming to terms with his actions while possessed by the demon. He's determined to find out what drove the teens to perform such a macabre ritual, and prevent it from happening again.

In the midst of all that chaos, the two have to deal with a constant police presence outside their home. While they claim it's just for their protection, it's no secret that there are suspicions surrounding the father and daughter being the only two survivors. Internet conspiracy theorists have created all kinds of scenarios that spread like wildfire, adding to the burden the two are already carrying.

While the first book hacks away at the safe, childhood memories we have of summer camps, this one hits even closer and plants the idea of your home being the battlefield, while questioning the motives of everyone you thought you trusted. After finishing this story, I haven't been able to walk through my house without trying to figure out how I would plan to fortify it: but to be honest, as horror fans it's our responsibility to plan for the zombie apocalypse anyways, so I should have been on top of that anyways.

I can't wait for the last of this trilogy!!!

Find William here:

Twitter: @spooky_sterling

Interview: Here

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