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Queer, Indie Horror Spotlight on Carietta Dorsch!

I am excited to spotlight my friend and amazingly talented indie author Carietta with you all. Carietta is one of those writers who deserve more eyes on their work. I strongly recommend her work, particularly for fans of true crime, psychological horror, or narratives that delve into the character's psyche.

Carietta's newest work, The Mitchell County Stories would make the perfect addition to your Kindle and/or bookshelves!

Carietta lounging on a couch with her novella Unmarked Grave on her lap and fake roaches crawling on her hands.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Carietta: "I am Carietta Dorsch. I write horror, true crime, romance, and poetry. I am a lesbian transwoman and I love writing!"


 What made you want to start writing? 

Carietta: "I always wrote, even at an early age I used to get in trouble in school for writing stories in class instead of listening to the teachers. I have always been a huge reader and wanted to create books that made people want to read just as much as I did."


 What authors/books inspire your writing?

  Carietta: "I am a huge fan of Edward Bunker and Chuck Palahniuk."


 Why is it important to you to write stories featuring queer folks?

Carietta: "I believe it is important to have proper representation and to hear the voices of lgbt authors gives that, even if the MCs aren’t the fact the author is still representation in itself."


 Do you have a current WIP? 

Carietta: "I am working on so many projects so be on the lookout!! But I will say be on the lookout for Nov 28th!!!"


Shoutout a queer indie horror author you love!

Carietta: "I love Jason Nickey and Asher Dark books!!"


The cover of Carietta's newest release, The Mitchell County Stories.

Where to find Carietta:

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