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Queer, Indie Horror Spotlight on Asia Brito Guerrero!

Today I am sharing a conversation with indie horror author and fellow spooky babe, Asia Brito Guerrero (she/her).

Asia has published two novellas (Unforgiving and Butterscotch), two chapbooks, and several other upcoming works. Her writing style is comfortable and intimate, focusing heavily on superbly developed characters.

I am excited to be able to share some of her thoughts with you guys in this interview. She is most certainly an author to watch!

Gorgeous, tattooed woman winking while hugging her two novellas, Unforgiving and Butterscotch

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Asia: "Hi! I'm Asia Brito Guerrero. I'm an author who likes to write gory, creepy stories. I live in Arizona with my husband and our two feral children. I can usually be found on my couch with my laptop or tablet somewhere close by, chugging iced coffee, and devouring tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

What made you want to start writing?

Asia: "I always knew I wanted to write a book, but imposter syndrome kept me from doing it for a long time. I also had no idea where to even start with publishing if I did write something. I wasn't too familiar with self-publishing, but after seeing a friend publish his first book, I started to look into it more and realized it wasn't an impossible thing to do. I remember getting the idea for my first book Unforgiving and just writing as often as I could and then, before I could convince myself not to do it, I published with Amazon KDP and now I've published two novellas and two chapbooks with a novelette and another chapbook coming this summer."

What authors or books inspire your writing?

Asia: "I have no specific authors or books in mind. I think the indie horror community as a whole inspires me. Each time I read a book by one of my fellow indie horror friends, that inspiration in me swells. I love it so much!"

Why is it important to you to write stories featuring queer folks?

Asia: "Because I am a queer folk. Being pansexual and polyamorous, I enjoy featuring queer and non-monogamous characters in my work, more so with my latest work. That representation is personal and important to me because never seeing it when I was growing up or as a young adult made me feel alone or not worthy of being written about. I want to change that for others similar to me, so they feel less lonely and know that who they are and who they love is important to include!"

Do you have a current WIP (work in progress)?

Asia: "I do! I am writing a plant/body horror. Some of the representation in this one includes non-monogamy (in a way that isn't usually portrayed in the mainstream), fluid gender identities, asexuality, and even monophthalmia, etc. The first 9 chapters can be read on my Patreon in my early-access tier. I am extremely excited about this one. It's already been really fun to write!"

Shoutout a queer indie horror author you love!

Asia: "Ivan Lopez! He is actually the friend I mentioned above that I saw publish his book (The Town Beyond the Trees) which motivated me to finally do the same. He is an amazing human being and an incredibly talented writer. You can find him on Instagram."

Where to find Asia:

Asia holding up a copy of her novella, Unforgiving.

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Thank you to Kirsten and The Sinister Scoop for thinking of me for this interview! 🖤

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