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Resources for Displaced Authors

Publishing is hard, and a lot of work goes into it. We know that the recent situation has been difficult for everyone, and we want to do what we can to support authors, since that's kind of the whole reason for our existence as a site. 💜

This list will be updated as we get responses, but I wanted to get what we could, out there ASAP. For individuals, we'll list their contact info under what service they're offering, and if they mention a specific offer.

This is in response to the authors who have withdrawn their work from DarkLit specifically, as many of them were already on track to be published. Please do not assume services are free unless it specifically states they are!


Ruth Anna Evans

Twitter: @ruthannaevans

• Free covers for authors who have withdrawn from DLP

Geoff Parrell

• Offering a full wrap cover for a person who didn't get their original cover from the publisher, even if the book they pulled didn't have a cover yet. Due to time constraints, I can only offer one custom cover.


Wicked Ouija Press (CO: Jyl Glenn)

IG: wicked_ouija_press

Facebook: Jyl Glenn

• Will publish them with 1 year rights return

• Split TBD but will be better than 50-50 for the author

• If having a publisher has left a bad taste in their mouth, which I can totally understand, I’m putting a team together to get them edited and get them a cover for free if at all possible

• Will offer any guidance I can

• Will provide editing and/or formatting for anyone choosing to self-pub.

Fox and Dagger Publishing (CO: Mallory Cywinski)

IG: foxanddaggerpublishing

• Full publishing services for horror/dark romance/dark fiction

• Have self-publishing courses on her website & Skillshare


Nico Bell

• Happy to provide free edits to those affected by the recent events of DarkLit press

• Edits include developmental, line, and proofreading depending on the author’s needs


Cat Voleur

IG: catvoleur

Twitter: cat_voleur

• Free formatting to DLP authors choosing to self-pub


Katherine Silva

• Happy to offer self-pub advice or marketing/editing advice for anyone interested that was displaced by Dark Lit

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