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The Backrooms - Matt Wildasin

While this story might initially feel similar to The Matrix with its use of computer programming and codes, and reality falling out from under you, Matt takes The Backrooms in an entirely different direction. Instead of it becoming easier to tell what's real and what's not, imagine it becoming exponentially harder - all while struggling with the doubt that you're even real.

I'm a huge fan of how well sci-fi and horror go hand in hand, and this is a great example. While it may not be "in your face", with slashing, blood, and guts, the storyline contains an existential terror that slowly creeps under your skin in a more haunting way. The eerily sterile setting keeps you on your toes, wondering what'll be waiting behind each new door. Does it contain a new world, or is it completely devoid of... anything at all?

I enjoyed the style of the writing - being provided with a series of letters that detail firsthand experiences and perspectives. Matt's foray into a science fiction direction shows his versatility and potential for expansion, and I look forward to seeing him continue to explore new avenues!

Go find Matt here:

Twitter: @Matt_Wildasin

Amazon: Matt Wildasin

Instagram: matthewwildasin

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