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The Longest Thirst - Roxie Voorhees

I was introduced to the world of Splatter Westerns and Weird West stories when I read K.C. Grifant's Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger, and it's a discovery I'm glad I made, especially after reading this topsy-turvy tale from Roxie Voorhees. They used such beautiful writing to describe the most horrendous of acts, to the point that it took a minute for my brain to even register what was actually happening.

"Ooooooo pretty words!😍 Wait ... ... HOLY SHIT!!"

Lillian is very quickly revealed to have the most noble of intentions, despite her upbringing in a family with very mixed emotions regarding equality in any sense. It's common knowledge that such opinions would place her in the minority to begin with, and her actions (and emotions) continue to challenge the female stereotype in fantastic ways.

The atmosphere is so hot and gritty that you can feel the sun beating down on your neck and the dust settling in your throat as you tag along with Lillian and Wyanet. You feel the need for shade and will reach for the closest drink at hand to wash the grunge down. Some scenes had me pausing to rub my eyes, where they'd started to water from reading about Lillian struggling to open hers.

The end is poetic, monstrous justice that took me by surprise, but made perfect sense when I read the notes after the story. The bloodshed, expected but also a shock, is a supremely effective way to drive home a point that'll leave you thinking and reevaluating for a while after you've finished reading.

PUBLISHER: Book Slayer Press

RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2023

CONTENT WARNINGS: blood/gore, mention of death of a loved one, gun violence, misogyny/sexism, pregnancy, labor/birth, stillbirth, mention of rape, loss of bodily autonomy, violence, racism

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