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THE PALEONTOLOGIST Finds More than Fossils🦖

“The Paleontologist” by Luke Dumas

State: Pennsylvania


Dinosaur ghosts 👀. yes! you heard me. “The Paleontologist” is a ghost story unlike any other.

Dr. Simon Nealy didn't expect to return to his Pennsylvania hometown. He got a job as the curator of paleontology at the Hawthorne Museum of Natural History. He was young when his six-year-old sister was abducted from the same museum under his watch.

When Simon arrives at the Hawthorne for his first day at work, it's closed due to the pandemic. He learns the museum is in severe financial distress. He begins to hear strange noises that he initially shrugs off as old pipes and boilers only to learn that there's something much more sinister stalking the halls of the museum.

His determination to find his sister's killer brings him face to face with sinister things he never expected.

The museum has a very creepy atmosphere. As a fan of haunted house stories, I loved this haunted museum. There's a certain enchantment to a museum once the lights go off. The silence ... heavy with the weight of history and darkness. Dumas captured this quality and atmosphere well.

Between the settings and characters, The book had me hooked from cover to cover. The story has layers and is well-researched. I, especially, enjoyed the excerpts from a journal Simon found. The ending was quite satisfying.

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