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There's no light switch in Fox Hollow, TX

The Darkness by Derek Hutchins

“Black as pitch. Black as oblivion.  Black as death.”

Anything that prowls slowly, trying to devour its prey, is alright by me! This is exactly what we get in Derek Hutchin’s The Darkness. Reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Mist, the author lures you into his darkness by telling the story of a supernatural and malevolent phenomenon while weaving within it unrequited love, survival, and friendship, all the while drawing its readers into the world of Fox Hollow, TX, a town filled with dread and doom! The central characters of Damon and Natalie made for a great duo.  Both are riddled with their own secrets while facing an unknown entity, The Darkness, and time is running out. 

Fox Hollow is a small town where everyone knows everyone and everything except Natalie, who harbors a traumatic past. Her budding friendship with Damon, the security guard at the same school where Natalie is a janitor, makes for an amazing connection. But how well do you ever know the people you work alongside? Hmmm.

Turning the pages faster than I could read them, there was angst, anger, anxiety, and cheerleading, making this read an emotional rollercoaster. One of my favorite parts of the book was that while the chapters were in each character’s POVs, they were time-stamped. This was a clever take by the author to take the reader down to the minutes of impending doom! I truly enjoyed the imagery and the emotional turmoil the author evoked as he described each harrowing encounter, each moment of survival, and a gripping tale of the fear of being enveloped in darkness!

It's definitely a quick and thrilling read!

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