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Throwback Thursday: Final Destination 2 (2003)

Six women and men are standing in a roadway behind the title of the movie, with clouds and lightning forming a skull in the sky

This week back in 2003, we were bought Final Destination 2. This is a really good sequel (in my opinion). It sticks to the similar story of the first, with death following everyone and killing those off that survived an accident after a premonition. 

More great deaths and more gore with brilliant practical effects. We also get the return of Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) and Tony Todd from the first film.

This movie brings us the unforgettable opening scene that scarred many of us for life, as we'll forever change lanes when we see a log truck! Even if you haven't seen the film, I guarantee you know of this scene.

There are so many great kills in this! Elevators, ladders, panes of glass, airbags and more are all turned into deadly weapons! I love how they all almost die a few times before they actually do get killed ... Death's such a tease!

I do love the Final Destination franchise, and definitely recommend any film or horror fan give them a watch.

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