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Creep This Way: How to Become a Horror Writer - Rebecca Cuthbert

Who doesn't cringe when they see any kind of "How to ________" book? Well, cringe no longer, because Rebecca Cuthbert has written one that's friendly, not pretentious in any way, and is incredibly inspiring.

As much as we all love being scared (if you don't, I'm not sure how you ended up in the horror community, but welcome anyway😂), it's not fun trying to overcome the fears that are all kicking our mental doors down when we're trying to get started with writing. Hell, even years into writing, those anxieties can still be present. This is really less of a "How to", and more of a, "Here's what my experience was and how what I've learned might help you", from someone who has clearly been through a process we're all very familiar with, and is wonderfully relatable.

It also feels like a great introduction to the community. Despite the politics and string of gross-man-behavior we've experienced, this community is filled with some of the most talented, passionate people I've ever met, and I'm so thankful to have found my ever-growing circle of weirdos to interact with and learn from. What it all boils down to is our love for this genre, in so many forms, and the inspiration we can pull from it for our own tales of terror.

I wish I'd had this resources when I first started and was fumbling my way around social media to get my foot in a door somewhere. Not even with writing, but just as a fan new to the community. Even if you're a grizzled veteran who has hacked and slashed their way through the masses, I think there's something to be learned from what Rebecca has to say.

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