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String Them Up - William STeRlING

A human body is hung from cables by ligaments and tendons, with a fiery background

We all know we can expect creative, brutal kills from William Sterling, based on what kinds of monstrosities he cooked up for his Killer Be Killed trilogy (reviews for the first and second installments), but phew! String Them Up proudly carried that torch, just adding some more gasoline and flammable material to it first: better to set the world on fire with.

Poor Sinclair had lost his wife and young son, and accepted a position with a small town police department working for an old friend. While every town has its fair share of problems, there's no way he could have anticipated the strings being pulled behind the scenes and the retribution he'd get tangled up in.

Sinclair was such an easy character to cheer on. He wasn't an unrealistic hero who overcomes mountains of trauma in a single bound, or exhibits courage in the face of all obstacles and horrors. He experienced depression, fear, and panic, and questioned his own sanity, in the way a "normal" person would. William's description of every other character in this tale is equally as strong, molding them into the vital chess pieces that they are.

Though everyday dolls do creep me out, it's usually not enough to affect my choices in movies or other media consumption. Puppets, ventriloquist dolls, and mannequins on the other hand, are absolutely terrifying. Even without the eerie setting and forces at play, these toys becoming the instruments they are is enough to have you on the edge of your seat!

Twitter: @spooky_sterling

His interview with The Scoop last year: Here

Ghoulish Gallery Episode

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