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The Nightmare Cycle - Lawrence Dagstine

This absolute beauty of a cover, contains a wonderfully fun and creepy collection due to release in just three days!

Lawrence calls up ghostly companions, werewolf orphans, zombie children, a painter who truly captures the essence of his models, a horrifying foster care home, the dangers of digging into a brain with technology we probably shouldn't possess, and a few other horrors that work their way under your skin. A few of the stories are subtle, slipping into your subconscious and continuing to haunt you later on, while others leave you reeling with the punch of the final reveal at the end.

There are real horrors masked in different settings, like the rampant corporate greed that currently exists, overruling everything else on another planet in the future. Imagine being plopped into a disgusting foster home, and your new foster brother is the most terrifying little psychopath ever. What would you do if you had a special talent you were tricked into using for nefarious purposes by those with more power?

This was a fun read, and is something I would even recommend to my teenage sister if she was in the mood for something spooky, so if you have any horror-loving teens in your life, consider this for them as well!

You can find Lawrence here:

Site: www.lawrence

Twitter: @ldagstine

Amazon: B001K8UG5K

And thank you to Dark Owl Publishing for reaching out to us!

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