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Tubi Tuesday: Exists (2014)

I stumbled upon this gem last summer, and I always refer to it as one of the best Bigfoot movies I've ever seen.

Brothers Matt and Brian sneak the keys to their uncle's cabin in the wilderness of Texas for a weekend getaway, bringing along Matt's girlfriend Dora, and their friends Todd and Elizabeth. The movie starts off with a bang, literally, and it's clear from the beginning just how remote this cabin is.

Their behavior is incredibly typical for older teens/young adults without being obnoxious. Swimming, recording stunts on their mountain bikes, pranks, couples sneaking off for shenanigans, you name it: but it feels more like a relaxed, fun weekend away than the exaggerated hard-core partying that tends to accompany slashers.

They quickly realize something in the woods is after them, managing to catch glimpses of the creature in their recordings and witnessing escalating displays of aggression. Rather than mindless, chaotic beating on walls, and bumbling around hoping to catch its prey, this Bigfoot is smart, and it has a purpose. Confirmation of what this purpose is, humanizes our giant, hairy friend in the best kind of way. It also creates some emotional turmoil that I hadn't prepared myself for.

There are some jump scares, plenty of tension/anticipation, and scenes that looked so painful I even cringed while watching. The performances were better than I anticipated, and I loved the plot as a whole!

I give this beast (no pun intended, or... is it...🤔) 7.5 out of 10 ☠️

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