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Not a Good Fit at This Time - Adam Hulse

This collection from my good friend, Adam Hulse, was Ripley's first ever bookmail! (It's taken me way too long to read this, based on how she looks extra baby-y in this photo.)

I've always enjoyed Adam's writing, as evidenced by my reviews of THE GROWTH and BELOW ECONOMIC THRESHOLDS, and he's an upstanding human, as evidenced by my interview with him. You'll notice that's also fairly old, and that's because he was supporting me waaaaaay back when the website was Scribbles with Tasha instead of The Sinister Scoop.

This collection contains brilliant stories that may not have been good fits elsewhere, but absolutely fit into a glorious space between the front and back cover. My favorite tale involves a mysterious killer that will make your heart spasm next time you hear someone whistle, and in another, who isn't horrified whenever leeches are involved? He also includes a couple of stories he wrote with the superb Sarah Jane Huntington!

Adam continues to show how his range is constantly growing, and should definitely make you question what goes on in that shiny dome sometimes!

Find Adam and his other works!

IG/Threads: ratty_writer

TikTok: @adamhulseauthor

Twitter: @HulseAdam

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